„Spatiu Intre – In Between“ Gabriela von Habsburg Ausstellung verlängert

Das Kunsthaus 7B teilt mit, dass die aktuelle Gabriela von Habsburg Ausstellung „Spatiu Intre – In Between“ bis zum 05. Oktober 2021 verlängert wird. Thomas Emmerling, Kunstsammler und Manager des Kunsthaus 7B erklärt „Die Entscheidung zur Verlängerung wurde auch durch die grosse Popularität der Ausstellung beeinflusst. Bereits heute zählt die Gabriela von Habsburg Ausstellung in Michelsberg zu den wichtigen kulturellen Veranstaltungen in Rumänien in 2021.“ Die Ausstellung zeigt Edelstahlskulpturen und Grafiken der bei München lebenden Künstlerin. Anlässlich der Finisage am Dienstag den 05. Oktober um 18.00 Uhr kommt Gabriela von Habsburg persönlich nach Michelsberg. Die Ausstellung kann noch bis zum 05. Oktober nach vorheriger Terminvereinbarung dienstags – sonntags zwischen 13.00 und 19.00 Uhr besichtigt werden.

„Spatiu Intre – In Between“ Gabriela von Habsburg exhibition prolonged

Kunsthaus 7B announces that the current Gabriela von Habsburg exhibition “Spatiu Intre – In Between” will be prolonged until October 5, 2021. Thomas Emmerling, art collector and manager of Kunsthaus 7B, explains “The decision to prolong was also influenced by the great popularity of the exhibition. The Gabriela von Habsburg exhibition in Cisnadioara is already one of the most important cultural events in Romania in 2021.” The exhibition shows stainless steel sculptures and graphics by the artist, who lives near Munich. By occasion of the closing ceremony, on October 05th, 2021 at 6 p.m. Gabriela von Habsburg will come personally to Cisnadioara. The exhibition can be visited on Tuesdays and Sundays between 1pm and 7pm by prior appointment.

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Additional events

The exhibition “Spatiu intre – In between” takes place from June 20th to September 5th, 2021. During that time, we are planning a series of art events related to the theme of the main show. All of the relevant details (schedule, topics, and conditions of participation) will be published on this website.

Please send us an email if you would like to receive information and/or invitations for these events. Our email is: [email protected]

Kunsthaus 7B CEO Dinner

Summer edition of 2021 Kunsthaus 7B CEO Dinner
Friday, 20th August 2021, 18.00 – 22.00 h


Kunsthaus 7B, Piata Gozelinus nr. 49, RO-555301 Cisnadioara (Michelsberg)
in the recent Gabriela von Habsburg’s exhibition „Spatiu Intre – In Between”.

Dress-code: white

Participation fee 360 Lei / Person – 630 Lei for two persons

This invitation is not transferable.

Tel. 0755 664337


During the exhibition there will be various artist – curator interviews. They will be published in text format on this website.

Covid-19 information

One of the most important things for us is, that our guests are safe and feeling safe. Covid-19 is not over!
Please be aware of maintaining social distancing and wear your mask in the exhibition space and in closed rooms.
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